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The Man Series Continues With Bob Saget

After a brief hiatus we bring the return of The Man Series.  The newest inductee is none other than Bob Saget.  Many people might be familiar with him from playing Danny Tanner in Full House and as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.  However, Bob Saget is not at all like those characters he has portrayed on TV.

Saget is a stand-up comic well known for his rather raunchy performances.  You might be asking, why would I add Bob Saget to the illustrious ranks of the The Man Series?  Simply put his comedy is hilarious and makes use of the fame he had gathered in the past.  And his comedy makes fun of the characters he used to play.  If you don’t believe me check out the videos below.  But fair warning, Bob Saget does use a good deal of profanity so if that offends you please don’t view them.  Oh and Saget provides the voice of Future Ted on How I Met Your Mother further cementing his status.  (I’m a fan of HIMYM so thats points in my book)

The first video is of a Bob Saget performance live in Florida.  The song is entitled Danny Tanner Was Not Gay.  Funny video but again very profane.  The next video is Bob Saget starring in one of Jamie Kennedy’s rap videos.  This video is hilarious because it completely rips on the Danny Tanner character and it even includes George Lucas in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo!


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