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Conan Is Back

For all you East Coasters flip to TBS while you have a chance.  Conan’s return to TV is on right now and so far it’s been pretty entertaining.  If I’ve learning anything tonight it’s how to end all my jokes for the next few days.  Just end with “comma, Brett Favre’s penis.”  Instant comedy gold.  And yes I realize you won’t get it unless you saw Conan’t opening monologue.

If you can’t watch the show I believe TBS will have clips on the show’s web-site.  If all else fails there are live tweeting the show too.  And if all else fails just make sure you watch tomorrow’s show!

Update: If you missed it, Conan’s cold opening (aka Previously on Conan) is now available  online to view.  It’s pretty funny so check it out.


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