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New Green Lantern Concept Art

Green Lantern seems like it should be a good movie.  Its a got a great cast, specifically Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.  My only complaint with GL so far is that it might delay or end the possible Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  The folks over at Film School Rejects have gotten ahold of some concept art for the movie, and does it look good or what (click to enlarge)?

The first picture is a view of the planet Oa.  The green beam of light is coming from a chamber set deep underground.  In this chamber the Lanterns receive their assignments.  The second image shows a mountain outcropping and is presumably Memorial Hall, an area used to commemorate fallen Green Lanterns.  If you look closely on the right side of this image you can see Hal Jordan meeting with Sinestro.  So far this movie is looking like it will be good.

Via: Film School Rejects


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