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Spider-Man: Big Time Trailer

USA Today has the trailer for the newest arc starting in Amazing Spider-Man #648 next month.  This arc is entitled Big Time and is intended to take over from where the Brand New Day arc leaves off.

After watching the trailer I have to say, I still love Humberto Ramos’ artwork for Spider-Man.  His Spidey’s always turn out awesome.   As for whats going to be happening in this new arc it doesn’t give too much away.  From some of the clips it looks like we’ll see the Avengers teaming up with Spidey and perhaps some of the new Spider-Girl.  I will say this much though, I’m not a big fan of the new costumes that were shown in this trailer.  Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but stick to the red and blue please.  I like the black costume and the Iron-Spider costume grew on me due to how it played in to the Civil War arc, but I fail to see how the lime green and black Spidey costume will tie in to any character arc this time.  Maybe I’m wrong though, we’ll have to see.

If the trailer isn’t enough to hold you over for the new issue I’ve included a copy of the cover below.  Enjoy!


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