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Smallville 200: Homecoming (Initial Reaction)

So we previewed Smallville’s 200th episode earlier this week.  The preview was good, but it didn’t do any justice to the episode we got tonight.  I’ve jotted down some initial thoughts on the episode.  I fully intend to flesh it out with a full review later.  Hopefully my insane ramblings make sense to you all.

  1. It wasn’t a clip show.  The previews made it look like there would be a lot of clips of past episodes, but there were really very few.  I was happy to see that and it made the episode better to limit the flashback clips.  The ones they used fit in perfectly to the episode and gave great emphasis to the ongoing events.
  2. James Marsters continues to own the role of Brainiac.  It’s a unique take, but its really good.  Personally I thought he did a great job of looking evil and out for revenge when he first appeared before Clark.  Then he morphed into a guide for Clark’s life.  Completely different from the past Brainiacs of the series.  You could almost buy at the end that Clark and Brainiac 5 could be friends and work together.
  3. This episode has been the best one so far to build up the future of the Superman mythos.  Not only did we see the Daily Planet and a headline about Superman, but we got to see the ‘nerdy’ Clark Kent of the future.  Awesome, thats all there is to it.  Not only that, but there was a nice nod to the Superman movies with Clark saving Lois in the falling helicopter.
  4. Tom Welling and Erica Durance have fantastic chemistry on-screen.  These two actors just seem to mesh really well together.  The interactions between future Lois and the Clark from the past were fantastic.  Spot on work.  You could totally buy the fact that the Lois and Clark of the future would work together to maintain his secret.
  5. The glasses comments.  They played up the glasses aspect in hiding in plain sight, something huge in this episode.  When Clark wanders around without them people start to think they recognize him and actually double-take to see if he is Superman.  Then there was the great comment when he had the glasses on, “No, it’s just the guy from the 8th floor.”
  6. Flight!  I love it Clark might just figure out how to fly now.  Confronting his past that haunts him and the issues in his future may have helped him make some progress.  But the biggest thing was probably admitting he loved Lois.  After the events with Brainiac and then with Lois I imagine Clark had a clear head and didn’t have to worry about his darkness anymore.  Lois might just be what saves Clark from Darkseid.

Honestly, this might have been one of the best episodes of Smallville that have been made.  Easily in the top 5 if not number 1.  This show is really pulling out all the stops as it nears the end of its 10 year run.  To steal a catchphrase from TV Guide and  part-time Starkville House of El Host Damian Holbrook, this episode of Smallville = geekwood.


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