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Jack Bauer Might Get Season 9

Well, it seems the reports of 24’s demise might be off target.  There are a few news items that have hit the web.  The first rumor is that NBC might be interested in picking up the hit show if Fox passes on it.  That makes sense if you think about.  With Jay Leno taking Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show there are a lot of program openings at 10:00 every night.  24 is a proven drama that could fill one of those holes.

One of the executive producers/show runners of 24 was recently interviewed and the topic of 24’s possible renewal came up.  He said the following:

“Discussions are still being held; the book hasn’t been closed,” he said. “If there is ’24’ past Season 8,” he added, “I will be part of that,” though probably not as showrunner. He also said that star Kiefer Sutherland, who has no deal for the show beyond the current season, “is inclined to do another season if there is a good story.”

So what does this mean for the fan?  Its looking like there are some slim chances the show might come back.  The problem with 24 is that its hella expensive to make and rating are going down.  It’s still drawing in big numbers but it’s getting harder to offset the money that is spent making the show.  One of the criticisms of the show is that it’s getting predictable or they are recycling past ideas.  I also have to admit that the formula for 24 is getting predictable too, but what do you expect on the 8th season?  I’m just happy things are starting to look exciting again.

Personally, I think 24 will end this season and we’ll get the long rumored theatrical release that ties up all the loose ends with Jack Bauer hopefully getting his happy ending.


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