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Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart

Those of you that have been following the site probably realize that I am a big fan of the Iron Man movies and comics.  Personally I think that the first Iron Man movie is the second best superhero movie that has been made.  That puts it firmly behind The Dark Knight.

Shortly after the movie released Kotobukiya released a 1/6 scale Mark III armor statue that I had to have.  Currently it sits in a place of honor on my fireplace.  Well a few months back I was looking through my Previews and saw that a 1:1 replica of Tony Stark’s arc reactor heart was being released.  This is modeled after the first reactor implanted in Stark’s chest.  This reactor is the one Pepper Potts had put in a decorative case and that eventually saved Stark’s life at the end of the movie.

Arc Reactor V 1.0

Like I said, I had to have to prop and it came in late last week.  And wow, is it awesome once its out of the box, despite the hefty $150.00 price tag.  The official description for the prop is shown below and courtesy of Entertainment Earth:

Proof that Tony Stark has a heart! Perhaps the most iconic prop from the smash-hit movie Iron Man, no expense was spared in replicating the details exactly. From the machined metal parts and copper wire to the high-intensity LEDs, you’ll own the definitive prop from this storied franchise and Marvel hero. Based directly on the actual movie prop and with reference from Stan Winston Studios, the Arc Unit measures about 4 1/2-inches in diameter and is made from machined aluminum, stainless steel, and custom-molded plastic. It’s removable from the stand and includes a Plexiglas display case and full-color certificate of authenticity. Bring home Tony’s “heart,” as given to him by his thoughtful assistant Pepper Potts! Requires 4x “AA” batteries (not included) with a cool-burn time of approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Once the lights were turned on, this replica looked awesome.  I have included some photos I took of the finished product below.  It really is cool.  And if you look close, you’ll see my Kotobukiya Mark III statue setup next to the arc reactor.  No need to tell me, I do realize I’m a nerd!

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