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Chuck Update

A quick update for all the Chuck fans out there.  I was checking my twitter and saw some re-tweets that came originally from JoshSchwartz76 with a YouTube link inside.  Whether this is the real Josh Schwartz I don’t know, because the account hadn’t been verified.  However, the video is really good that he linked too.  The video is below so take a look.

I have to admit I find the spoof of the Superman opening credits quite funny, especially since Brandon Routh, Superman himself, is one of the big guest stars this season.  No big plot points were given away, but in typical Chuck fashion it looks like fun, especially the return of Jeffster!  To those shippers that might be freaking out over the current direction the shows star-crossed leads are going, I’m sure you enjoyed the last few seconds of this trailer.  Personally I choose to enjoy the show.  I’m watching Chuck because its fun not because I desperately want Chuck and Sarah to live happily ever after.  The romance angle is a nice sub-plot but that’s about it in my mind.  Shippers, feel free to flame away in the comments, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!


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