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Captain America Casting Rumors

Captain America director Joe Johnston has hinted that the lead role of Steve Rogers was set to be cast soon for the Cap movie.  There are a few rumors floating around the net regarding who might portray the Star-spangled Avenger.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that Johnston has said that he planned on announcing the role by March 1.  Regardless of our speculation we’ll see in just a couple week.  We’ll talk about a couple of the names floating around on the web.

1. Chris Pine – Thats right, Pine might be moving on from being Captain Kirk to Captain America.  What a sweet deal for Pine getting to be in three mega-franchises if this is the case.  Pine is also set to star in the next Tom Clancy movie based on Jack Ryan, he’ll be filling Harrison Ford’s shoes.  In addition to that Pine has done a pretty damn good job playing the role of Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek.  As for whether he’s the best choice, I’m undecided personally.

I think he’s got the acting chops to pull it off, however I’ve never seen him play a character like Steve Rogers.  Captain Kirk was a cocky a-hole and Captain America is the opposite.  Cap needs to start out being unsure of himself and growing into being self-assured.  Thats a different character than we’ve seen Pine play so far.  He’s definitely got the look of Steve Rogers once he’s taken the Super Soldier formula, but he’s probably just a couple inches shorter than the ideal Cap.  However,  alot of that can be circumvented by creative filming angles.

2. Ryan McPartlin – If you aren’t familiar with the name let me give you another way to reference him, just think of the word awesome.  McPartlin plays the role of Devin “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on the show Chuck.  It amuses me we’ve got another ‘Captain’ up for the role of Captain America.  To be honest, I’ve only seen McPartlin in Chuck and it’s probably not the best way to evaluate how he would play Steve Rogers.  It has been confirmed that he has read for the role of Steve Rogers though.  I’m an interview with Moviehole McPartlin was quoted as saying:

“The one thing I can’t stand are these actors that are twittering about auditioning for Captain America. It’s really tacky. With that said, it is in the casting process and like many other actors, I read for it, so we’ll wait and see what happens. Regardless, I’m pretty psyched to be Captain Awesome for the time being.”

There are some rumors that McPartlin has made a strong case for taking the lead role.  Additionally, McPartlin was on the red carpet for the premiere of Joe Johnston’s move The Wolfman, despite not being in the movie.  Whats the reason this conspiracy theory is taking off?  Both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto attended the premiere of JJ Abrams’ produced Cloverfield and were not in the movie.  This was right around the same time they were cast in Star Trek also which was directed by Abrams.  It’s more than likely a coincidence, but it sure is fun to speculate.  He definitely has the look down for Steve Rogers and probably the right height.  But in my opinion he’d have to bulk up a good deal to be Captain America.  McPartlin and pretty tall and not built like Cap is portrayed, but enough time in the weight room could probably fix that.

3. Other Names – Johnston also said that they had narrowed down the selection process to 5-6 individuals and through scattered reports, these names include Chad Michael Murray,  and possibly Jensen Ackles.  I’m familiar with Ackles from Dark Angel and Smallville and those were both roles I enjoyed.  Also, he’s the lead in the CW’s Supernatural.  But with Supernatural getting renewed for a 6th season I’d put low odds on Ackles taking the mantle of Captain America.

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing has been set in stone at this point.  Everything is speculation at this point and until we find out for sure who lands this role there’s bound to be a ton more rumors.  As soon as anything is made definite I’ll be sure to pass along what I’ve heard.  At this point, I’m just excited they are making a Cap movie.


3 responses to “Captain America Casting Rumors

  1. Tom Baker February 19, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I like Chris in this role. My only problem with him being so popular right now is sometimes choices have to be made in scheduling conflicts. I don’t want to see anyone else in Kirk’s role and I hate waiting for new movies to be released because this studio and that studio might be pulling him in too many directions.

    • Chris February 19, 2010 at 5:55 pm

      I think he would be good. One of the other conspiracy theories I forgot to mention was that he has an opening in his movie schedule during the timeframe they want to do Cap. So if he got this role it shouldn’t impact Star Trek 2.

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