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Christopher Nolan Will Save Superman

I’m calling this right now, Christopher Nolan will save the Superman franchise.  After the flop that was Superman Returns someone needed to step in to put the Superman movies back on the right track and I have no doubt that Nolan can do it.  After all he saved the Batman franchise from the dreaded ‘Bat Nipples’ in Batman and Robin.

DC Entertainment made the announcement that the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight ,Christopher Nolan, will be “mentoring” the latest iteration of Superman on the big screen.  Simply put Nolan will be helping to guide the plot and filming of the movie but without directing the picture.  In essence Christopher Nolan will be the ‘Godfather’ of the picture.  If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited by this news.

Here’s a couple conspiracy theories for you:

  1. After Marvel’s success created one unified world for their movies to take place DC might be moving in the same direction.  Bringing in Nolan ensures there can be ties between his 3rd Batman film and the new Superman movie.  This sets the DC ‘verse up for a Justice League or team up movie one day.  However, I don’t see how well TDK Batman would fit in with this world.  TDK was based on a fictional world that felt real.  Regardless of how much you try, Superman will never feel real.  You could believe it was feasible for Bruce Wayne to become a ninja and hunt down criminals, however you stretch the bounds of credibility by believing an alien could come to Earth and be our savior.

    Possible Team Up?

  2. DC will reboot the Superman franchise.  This I tend to believe, a complete reset would give Nolan’s team to tell the story they want to tell.  There’s a lot of backstory that would need to be accounted for without a reboot.  And to be honest a remake of the fight with Zod could be pretty cool.

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