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Hulk Smash Avengers

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been talking about Marvel’s slate of superhero movies a lot lately.  In a recent interview with SFX Magazine he even set the stage for a possible sequel to The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton.  However, he didn’t say if Norton would be starring in The Avengers movie slated for 2012.

He had a very interesting statement about how The Avengers is currently shaping up:

It’s fun now, and we’re introducing some new characters in [‘Iron Man 2’], but it’s not about just cramming in lots of new people; that’s sort of the cardinal sin of the sequel – adding in too many characters. This is totally Tony Stark’s story. And that’s gonna weave into Thor’s story, and Steve Rogers’ story, and it’s already ingrained with Nick Fury’s story and an organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D.

My only concern is that when we launch a franchise–whichever character’s franchise that may be–it should stand on its own two feet… So by the time ‘The Avengers’ comes in 2012, it’s not just a team superhero movie with a bunch of characters with powers. It’s three people – four including the Hulk; five including Nick Fury – who you’ve seen before in other movies, coming together for the very first time.

To me that strongly hints that Hulk will be showing up in the movie.  I for one am excited by this news.  The question is, will Hulk be a good guy or a bad guy.  The Tony Stark cameo in The Incredible Hulk seems to indicate that the Avengers might be rounding up Hulk.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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