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Chuck Comes Back Sunday

You’ve heard my ramble enough about why I love the show Chuck.  The important thing to realize now is that Chuck is back on Sunday.  The 2 hour premier is on, and it looks like it will be fantastic.  If you’re a fan make sure you watch, if you haven’t seen Chuck check out some of the clips on the web or watch the first couple seasons.  If you enjoy geeky/nerdy humor you’re sure to enjoy the humor of this show.  Plus it has Adam Baldwin in it!  How can that be bad?

io9 gave a great synopsis I want to share about season 3 so far.

In episode four of the new season, someone gets fired, and someone else gets promoted. There’s a Fight Club homage, and someone says “Honey, I decapitated the bear.” And a spy gets shot. In episode five, Chuck’s first solo mission involves a scary bald man and Kristin Kreuk. Someone at the Buy More gets drugged. A diamond holds the key to Shaw (Brandon Routh)’s backstory. And there’s a “Paris twist!”.

To get you all excited about season 3 of Chuck we’ve included some of the promos for the upcoming season below.  I dare you to watch these and say you don’t want to watch the 3rd season.

Here’s a preview from the 2 hour premiere.  Gotta love the disguise!


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