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2010: The Year of Spider-Man

Marvel has proclaimed 2010 to the year of Spider-Man.  This is surprisingly big news since Marvel has dedicated a lot of books and advertising to promote Spidey in the past few years.  In order to promote the Spidey stories of 2010 Marvel has gradually been releasing puzzle pieces of a large promotional picture advertising the events of Spider-Man in 2010.  Now all the puzzle pieces have been released and we have the full picture which can be seen below.

As you can tell there is a lot going on in this picture.  Lets hypothesize a bit about what might be going on.  The prominent part of the picture is Peter and Mary Jane in a wedding dress reaching for each other.  Any ideas what this might symbolize?  I’ve got a couple.

  1. I’m sure what most people are thinking is that Marvel will potentially be resurrection the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane that was dissolved in the Brand New Day arc.  If you recall the marriage of MJ and Peter was sacrificed so that Aunt May might survive.  Once Brand New Day began Peter’s identity was secret and the marriage gone.  However, instead of MJ and Peter being married they had just lived together for years.  Events of an unknown kind had occurred between the two that caused their wedding to be cancelled.  One possible thing that may happen know is that somehow Peter will find out about his marriage having been destroyed and will try to find a way to get back his old life.
  2. Another possibility for this picture is that they will finally explain the events that caused Peter and MJ’s wedding to be cancelled in the Brand New Day world.  In all likelihood this will be due to Peter’s role as Spider-Man.

In the top left corner there are is a group of other Spider-Man related characters.  Prominently displayed are Madame Web, Iron Spider-Man, Black Suited Spider-Man and Araña.  Now I never knew much about Araña but I am curious to see where she will fit into the story of Spidey in 2010.  Maybe there will be some kind of team up between these Spidey characters?  But for what reason are they teaming up?  Is this going to be a team-up that takes place as part of the new Marvel story Seige?  At this point, I have no clue but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

It looks like The Lizard, aka Curt Conners, could be playing a big part in the 2010 stories of Spidey.  What other reason would there be to display him so prominently in this picture?

Another key part of this picture is the baby seen at the top of the picture.  The baby has bright green eyes but we can’t really tell who the child is related too.  I have a couple theories.

  1. This is Peter and MJ’s daughter May who passed away at the end of the Clone Saga.  Maybe one of the consequences of undoing Mephisto’s destruction of Peter and MJ’s marriage will be a resurrection/return of baby May.
  2. This is Peter and MJ’s child that Mephisto spoke of at the end of the One More Day arc.  This is the child that Peter and MJ were supposed to have one day but would never come to be due to Mephisto’s taking of the marriage.
  3. This Norman Osborn and Lily Holister’s child.  At the end of the American Son story arc we found out the child Lily was carrying was not Harry Osborn’s but in fact belonged to Norman.  This could be the first look at the new Goblin baby.

Personally I’m hoping it’s either my first or second theory.  I’m fairly tired of Norman Osborn right now with the large part he has played in the Marvel Universe lately.  Finally, if you look around the baby it looks like Doc Ock’s tentacles are surrounding the child.  What’s the significance?  I only have one theory but I don’t really think its very good.  This baby potentially has the ability to give Doc Ock the ability to regain his body.  If any one of my 3 theories is correct this child is super-powered.  There would be potentially for this super-powered child to have something in its blood or genes to save Octavius.

Keep in mind this is all conjecture.  I have no idea if any of what I have theorized is true.  If it is that could be pretty cool.  If not, I still bet it will turn out well.  Marvel has put a lot of effort into making Spider-Man a lot more fun recently.  One thing is for sure though, I’m looking forward to see what happens in the Spider-Man books this year.


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