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Sherlock Holmes Review

Over the Christmas Break I decided I was going to be antisocial for a while.  How’d I do that you might ask.  Simple I went out Christmas day to go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  I wasn’t the only one with this thought either, the movie theater was packed for the first showing of the day.  I was shocked that so many people had gone out for a movie Christmas day.  But I think they mad the right choice in what to go see.  Sherlock Holmes was a lot of fun and I’d recommend it to anyone.  There’s a nice blend of action and mystery so it ends up being a lot of fun to try to figure out what will happen next.  I enjoyed the movie so I though I would give you all a review of the movie, but without talking too much about the plot.  I’d hate to spoil the plot of the story since I enjoyed it so much.  I’d hate to give something away that takes away from the mystery.

First of all, the best part of this movie is Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes.  This should come to no surprise to anyone who has read my takes on Iron Man and RDJ, but I love RDJ’s work as an actor.  I thought his Tony Stark was hilarious and true to the character his work on Tropic Thunder was nothing short of hilarious.  Holmes like Stark is another character who is smarter than everyone else and he knows it.  It makes for some great moments and works to keep the supporting characters guessing what Holmes will do next.

When the first trailers for Sherlock Holmes came out, many people were upset claiming that Guy Ritchie was taking Sherlock Holmes and turning him into yet another action hero.  People were upset over the bare-knuckle brawling and excessive explosions in the trailer.  Simply put, some argued that this was not what Sherlock Holmes was about.

My response, they are wrong.  Sherlock Holmes is not the stoic detective many people believe him to be or how he was portrayed in some other movies/tv shows.  In the novels, he is known to partake in illegal drugs when investigating cases.  This includes things like morphine and cocaine.  Holmes appears to be a slob; he lives in a home covered in papers and manuscripts. In essence Holmes seems to live in a state of chaos.  He is infatuated with a woman named Irene Adler, the only woman to have ever impressed him.  Adler is played in the movie by Rachel McAdams.  Downey Jr. and McAdams play very well off each other in this movie and have some great witty banter.  Despite not knowing much about Adler’s backstory in the movie she fits in well with the overall plot.

As I’ve said Robert Downey Jr. is fantastic as Sherlock Holmes.  At times he approaches being over-the-top but is brought back to reality by Jude Law’s Dr. Watson.  Law’s Watson is desperately trying to set out on his own in the world.  At the beginning of the movie Watson mentions that he getting married and moving his offices out of 221 B Baker street.  However, his love of the adventure and of his ‘brother’ keeps him returning to Holmes’ current case.  It is obvious that he wants to do what he perceives is ‘right’ and spend more time with his fiance but at the same time cannot help himself when it comes to being involved in Holmes’ case and adventure.  Law does a great job of making that indecision viewable in many of Watson’s actions.  The core of Watson’s character comes shining through, simply out he is a man who loves his brother/best friend and will do anything for him whether it’s a good idea or not.

One of the nice things about this movie is that it was not an origin movie.  Its is expected that viewers at least have passing knowledge of the character.  Normally I wouldn’t really like this, but removing all the origin backstory makes for a better movie in this case.  We begin right with the mystery.  Holmes and Watson have solved numerous cases and that is what has added to and grown their bond.  This past allows the two characters to bicker almost like an old married couple and its hilarious to watch on screen.

There was talk of making Sherlock Holmes a new movie franchise, and honestly if the sequel is as good as this movie I’m all for a series of movies.  Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have fantastic chemistry as Watson and Holmes and are a joy to watch together on-screen.  Their interaction and witty banter was half the fun of this movie.  At the core you could tell that both Law and Downey had found the core element of both characters, that being the bond of brotherhood between the two.  The end of the movie makes it obvious they are gunning for a sequel.  It’s a very minor spoiler, but the groundwork is laid for Holmes and Professor Moriarty to lock horns in the sequel.  Moriarty is described as being as smart as Holmes but much more ruthless.  At the very least, it would be fun to watch, assuming they can find the right person to play Moriarty.

If I had to rate the movie, it would be a solid 8.5/10.  I found it a lot of fun both action and mystery-wise.  If you’re looking for a movie to go see in the next couple weeks, check out Sherlock Holmes you won’t be disappointed.  And if you don’t believe me take a look at the last trailer that came out.


4 responses to “Sherlock Holmes Review

  1. dropthatwand January 3, 2010 at 9:40 am

    O, that was great! This is one of the movies I do want to see this year, and SOON! The trailer alone have me sit up straight like a lit candle, and just beam. Just my sort of stuff and I know I will adore it. Love RDJ as well, even though I did think Rupert Everett and Ian Hart as the victorian Dynamic Duo in “The case of the Silk Stocking” were great. But this movie seems to be a lot funnier and scarier. And even though I haven’t even seen it yet, I’m thrilled over the news of a possible franchise!

    Thanks for the review. You make me wanna get on a train and into the theatre right now. Take care, and keep the reviews coming. 🙂

    • Chris January 3, 2010 at 9:00 pm

      Thanks for coming by and checking out the site. Trust me when i say you won’t be disappointed when you go see this movie. Lots of fun.

  2. mcarteratthemovies January 6, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    It’s nice to see a reviewer who didn’t approach “Sherlock Holmes” with a boulder on his shoulder and a long list of the ways the movie “ruins” Doyle’s character. Guy Ritchie’s take is about what I expected — lots of expertly choreographed fight scenes, explosions, etc. But Robert Downey Jr. makes it something special, and I continue to argue that his portrayal gets certain aspect of Doyle’s Holmes dead-on (the dry wit, the intellect). Mark Strong deserves some recognition for making Lord Blackwood ubercreepy, and I can only hope that in the sequel (maybemaybemaybe) Irene Adler’s character will play a bigger role.

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