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Iron Man 2 Whiplash Poster

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to post this one.  Late last week a new poster for Iron Man 2 hit the web.  This featured Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash.  I’ve posted a high res version for your viewing pleasure below.  One of the coolest parts of this poster is how the background is just plastered with media coverage of Tony Stark.  This is definitely something that references Whiplash’s obsession of Stark/Iron Man.  Glad to see they are laying the groundwork even in the movie posters.

There is one thing this poster leaves in question for me.  Jon Favreau had said that Whiplash’s armor would evolved as the movie progressed.  This armor he is currently wearing is the same as we saw in the Comic Con pictures.  Are they just keeping the more advanced armor under wraps or is this it?  Guess we’ll have to find out.  Hopefully there’s some good information to be gleaned from the trailer attached to Sherlock Holmes.

Iron Man 2's Whiplash


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