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Lucasarts Announces The Force Unleashed II

Big news for Star Wars fans came tonight at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.  The Force Unleashed II was officially announced with a pretty great teaser trailer.  There’s not much known at this point, but it looks as though Darth Vader’s former apprentice, codenamed Starkiller but born as Galen Marik, survived his apparent death at the end of the first game.  From the looks of things, he’s not at 100% afterwards.  The sequel seems to follow the lightside ending of the first game, which is the plot that has been added to Star Wars cannon.

The 'Death' of Starkiller

There are some big questions about his game that are begging to be answered though.  Firstly, how did Starkiller survive his death at the Emperor’s hands?  Secondly, who does Starkiller now serve?  Has he returned to Darth Vader, or has he sought out Yoda.  We hear voice overs from both in the trailer.  Both seem to hint that Starkiller is damaged after the end of TFU.  Third, how much will Juno Eclipse be involved in the new game.  Obviously she will be of importance as its her voice that calms Starkiller as he enters the arena.  Her voice, or the memory of it, puts Starkiller back in control of his actions stops him from continuing to destroy everything in has path.  Finally, the question I want to know is how far in the future have we gone for this sequel?  Will Starkiller be more involved in the Rebellion he helped start?  By that I mean have we reached Episode IV in the game’s timeline?  If so, that could be great.

Obviously, Starkiller will be neither fully light nor fully dark in this game, bringing more moral ambiguity to the traditional lightside vs. darkside argument.  People can do bad things to effect change for the good.  It’s a moral argument that came up in the New Jedi Order books and has a chance to creep into the game.  It’s also possible I’m focusing way too much on the plot of a videogame.  Regardless I’m sure this game will be as fun as the original.

Not much else is known about the game though aside from the fact it is coming out sometime in 2010.  Personally, I’m guessing its due to arrive either during the summer or more likely during next years Christmas deluge of games.  One cool thing that is shown off in the trailer is that the Apprentice is not sporting dual lightsabers.  Should make for some great fun within the game!  We’ve posted the trailer below, but no guarantees how long it will stay up for.  The official site for The Force Unleashed II has a debut date for the trailer of December 14th.  If the trailer gets pulled from YouTube we only have a day to wait to see it in much better quality.  As always let us know what you think of the game in the comments section of this post.

EDIT: Just a heads up the trailer keeps going offline.  We’ll update as we are able so you all can see the video.


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