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JSA on Smallville

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard that the JSA would be appearing on the Smallville TV movie called Absolute Justice.  Absolute Justice is currently set to air on February 5th.  Probably one of the coolest parts is that this two parter turned movie is penned by Geoff Johns of DC comics fame.  He wrote the Smallville episode Legion last year.  This was the episode starring the Legion of Superheroes.

You could argue that the appearance of the Legion and the addition of the flight/time travel ring to Clark’s stash has helped build up season 9 of Smallville.  Without the Legion ring Lois would never have gotten to travel to the future and the story arc with Major Zod would likely be very different now.

The big news is that Smallville will continue to add to their cameo appearances of superheroes.  This time they’ll be adding Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Stargirl.  I think one of the coolest parts is that Michael Shanks, Daniel Jackson of the Stargate series, will be playing Hawkman.  I have to admit, this Hawkman picture far superior to the one released a few weeks back.  At least this time the mace doesn’t look like its about to fold in half.

We’ve included the pictures at the end of the post, but before moving onto that there is the trailer we saw at the end of Pandora to talk about.  Sidenote, Pandora was a great episode and part of the reason season 9 has been so great.  The trailer at the end of Pandora contained clips from the next 3 episodes of Smallville that will air after the winter break.  For a 20 second teaser there were certainly a lot JSA references.  We got clips of Clark uncover their headquarters and team picture, but what is possibly the coolest part occurs at about the 7 second mark.  If you look close thats a Green Lantern ring presumably on Alan Scott’s hand.  Maybe, just maybe we’ll get a cameo of the Green Lantern in these episodes.  Check out the trailer below and the screenshots of the JSA members that will be on Smallville.


2 responses to “JSA on Smallville

  1. Tom Baker December 12, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Superfriends was a cartoon I still like to watch today. I’m looking forward to the airing and I like your image. Came by to let you know I started promoting your guest appearance for Jan. 2. Have a good weekend.

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