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Metallo Returns to Smallville

Its hit the web that Metallo will be returning to Smallville near the end of the season.  A variety of sites are reporting that Brian Austin Green will reprise his role as John Corben the kryptonite powered villain.  If you saw the beginning of season 9 the character was introduced in the first few episodes.

John Corben was hit by a bus and left for dead before Major Zod and his followers took Corben’s body and turned him into a kryptonite powered cyborg.  Corben blamed The Blur for the death of his sister and went out seeking revenge.  During the fight with The Blur his kryptonite heart was removed leaving him powerless.  We’ve seen as the season progresses that Tess was looking to find out how Corben’s kryptonite heart worked.  I’d wager its a safe bet to say that its Tess who reactivates Corben at the end of the season.

The folks over at the Starkville House of El interviewed Brian Austin Green during one of their podcasts earlier this year, and he had said he’d love to come back and do more work on Smallville.  Looks like that wish has been granted.

Brian Austin Green as Metallo


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