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I’m Joining Team Edward

It shouldn’t have to be said on this blog but please note, this post is not really about Twilight.  As a card carrying member of Twilight Haters Unite I can guarantee that if you ever see a favorable post about Twilight on this blog you can assume one of a few things.

  1. One of my contributors wrote it.
  2. I’ve lost my mind.
  3. I’ve been hacked.

Thats about the only way you’ll see favorable posts here.  Joel Watson drew a brilliant parody comic strip for HijiNKS Ensue, his webcomic about technology and geek culture.  As a BSG fan and possibly more importantly a fan of Edward James Olmos I have to say I love it.  The strip is below for you viewing pleasure, and if you like it I strongly encourage you to go check out HijiNKS Ensue.

Shortly after the comic hit the web the same t-shirt shown above became available for purchase online.  The shirt description is brilliant too.

You can have your sparkling, fangless Twilight vampires. There’s only one “Edward” whose team I want to be on. EDWARD JAMES OLMOS! Whether he’s inspiring inner city kids, tracking down replicants or leading the Colonial Fleet to victory against the Cylons, EJO has always got your back. Shouldn’t you return the favor?

If one of these shirts interest you, they can be found online here.  I’m not endorsing, I just think its hilarious.


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