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Is V Already In Trouble?


Its starting to look like ABC’s revival of the 80’s SciFi series V might be in trouble before the first episode has even been shown.  The big brains over at ABC have made the strange decision to keep the show in its original slot for four weeks, before taking it off-air for four months.

Variety reports that ABC execs have made the decision to split the 13-episode first season into two, and to hold the show’s back nine episodes until midseason, expected to be around March next year (2010).  The March decision is charitably being explained as protecting the show from next year’s Winter Olympics and traditional ratings juggernaut American Idol, but rumors persist that not only is the series in trouble, production is still halted, with no set date to restart, but also in danger of seeing the number of episodes reduced in an attempt to minimize damage for the network.  This is something that ABC and the studio Warner Bros. deny.

My advice is that if we want this show to survive we better watch it because it looks like ABC is preparing for the worst even before V hits the air.

Also, ABC has released a new V promo.  Check it out to see if its enough to get you to watch.

Via: Variety


2 responses to “Is V Already In Trouble?

  1. MorningErection October 23, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    So what is the status now. I watched V alot when I was younger. I’m looking forward to the remake.

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