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Batman Beyond is Back!


DC Comics has announced that Batman Beyond will be returning in a comic format.  Dan DiDio was quoted as saying the following:

“There will be a Terry McGinnis mini-series early next year. We’ve heard the fans, we’ve heard everyone’s interest. And right now we’re planning to put out a Batman Beyond mini-series in 2010.”

How cool is that?  Batman Beyond was a great cartoon series and it got cancelled too early.  The show had hit a great stride and was a much darker take on Batman than one would expect.  Anyone who ever say Batman Beyond: Revenge of the Joker saw just how dark that series could get.  Lets hope this new comic series is a great success and we can keep this great series.

My only question is whether the comic will take place at the end of the Batman Beyond series or if its after the bombshell that was dropped in the JLU episode Epilogue.  I think the comic would be really cool if it dealt more with Terry getting used to the fact that Bruce Wayne is his genetic father and how that impacts his legacy as the new Batman.


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