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Career Lessons from Battlestar Galactica

Just a funny little piece I read relating lessons from Battlestar Galactica to how to suceed at work.  Here’s a brief excerpt and below we’ll link to to the full article.

1. Be a leader NOW, don’t wait for fate to thrust you into a leadership role, as Lee Adama did.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself floundering, and being upstaged. Not to mention getting lectured on the subject by your hotshot underling pilot. Do your research, pull your weight, and when the time comes, jump in with both feet. You’d do better to take example from Pres. Roslin than from the younger Adama. Be appropriately authoritative.

2. Be adaptable, unlike Felix Gaeta.

You NEVER know what turn life will take you in, what new tech might come up or what person you dismissed in the past who may well be a powerful ally in the future. Gaeta couldn’t accept when a few of the hated Cylons changed colors and allied with the Colonial fleet. His actions as a response led to humiliation, failure, and… well, death by firing squad. Your result if you fail to be appropriately versatile will likely not be anywhere near so drastic. But it WILL be painful at best.

Pretty good advice so far right?  Anway, if your interested check out the full article at Leah’s Got “It!” blog.


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