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Chuck Guest Star News


Big news in Chuck land as a variety of guest stars have been added for the shows upcoming 3rd season.  Firstly, Brandon Routh of Superman Returns fame has signed on to do a multi-episode arc.  Routh will play a mysterious new spy named Shaw.  Shaw will take control as the new leader of Operation Bartowski, and become a mentor to Chuck and a rival in his affections for Sarah.

Brandon Routh is Shaw

Brandon Routh is Shaw

Also joining the cast during season 3 is former Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk.  Kreuk is signed on to be in ‘multiple’ episodes, but your guess is as good as mine as to how many that actually is.  She will play the part of Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a plane flight to Paris.  After she gets laid off from her publishing job she ends up working at the Buy More.  Show insiders tease that “Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other.”

Kristin Kreuk is Hannah

Kristin Kreuk is Hannah

So what have we learned from these casting pieces?  A few things, it would seem that things will get rocky again between Chuck and Sarah.  There’s bound to be some tension regarding Chuck willingly becoming Intersect 2.0 and then add in new cast members to play romantic interests for both characters and you’re looking at the couple taking a couple steps backwards.  What I’m most interesting in seeing is how Colonel Casey feels about Brandon Routh’s Shaw coming in and taking over as the leader of Team Bartowski.  There’s bound to be some humerous exchanges that come out of that.

There’s one big problem with talking about the new cast members now.  All its doing is making me want to see new episodes of Chuck all that sooner.  Chuck isn’t slated to air again until March after the Olympics ends on NBC.  Thats a long time to wait for the show to return, and I really hope that the long wait doesn’t end up hurting it by causing some fans not to tune in.  All I can say is maybe NBC will wise up and air Chuck early or use it as a replacement for one of their Fall shows that flops.  Here’s hoping!


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