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Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic

Looks like Marvel is doing another round of motion comics.  This time they are doing Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men.

To be honest, I’ve never really cared for the motion comic effects.  It looks pretty cheesy to me.  However, they must sell well if people keep buying them.  My bet is because its cheaper than making real animated movies out of the stories.  Maybe with Disney money Marvel will turn more of the comic story arcs into DVD movies.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Anyway, below is the trailer for the newest motion comic.  It looks okay I supposes, but the voice actors for Wolverine and Cyclops are terrible.  I also love how they have to add the blatent shot of Emma Frost topless at the 44 second mark.  All you readers, let us know what you think.  Are motion comics any good?


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