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Limited Edition Star Trek Bluray Boxset

Limited Edition Enterprise Replica

Limited Edition Enterprise Replica

Big news for Star Trek fans.  Amazon is releasing a limited edition bluray boxed set of the movie.  This boxset is limitied to 5,000 pieces.  The cool thing is that this bluray boxset comes with an 8.5 inch replica solid metal USS Enterprise.  The replica contains no plastic, is solid metal, is finished with chrome, textured steel and pewter, and weighs over a pound.  It’s fully accurate as it has been designed from the digital effects files used in the film.

As of writing this post, the boxset is available for $90.99 on Amazon and will ship on Novemeber 17th.  Pretty steep price tag, but at least it looks cool, right?  In all seriousness, I’ll be passing on this boxset, but I wanted to pass it along and post some pictures because it does look really cool.


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