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Smallville Season 9 Update

Just a quick Smallville update for you all.  DC writer Geoff Johns is guest writing an episode of Smallville for the upcoming 9th Season.  He mentioned this in his Twitter feed.

Had an amazing week at Smallville! JLA vs. JSA!!

So, this could be really cool.  We know that the ‘JLA’ has already been formed consisting of Impulse, Cybory, Black Canary, Aquaman, Clark, and the Green Arrow.  But, we have seen in the season 9 previews a clip where Clark kicks Olliver out of the JLA.  Is the Smallville version of the JSA going to be the Green Arrow’s super team?  That’s what I’m leaning towards.  Another question to bring up is which side will Chloe/Watchtower be on?  Its been made no secret that Clark will be repressing his human side and in turn probably beginning to alienate his oldest friend.  Will that cause her to side with Ollie if he ends up making his own team?  Who knows, we’ll have to watch to find out.

Also, Johns posted an image in his twitter feed with his post.  I’m guessing its aimed towards Smallville which if I remember correctly premieres on the date shown in the picture.  I wonder, is this a reference to Clark wearing the black and grey super-suit?  The picture is below, let us know what you think!



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