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True Blood Breaks Another Record


True Blood has broken its viewer rating records again.  Prior to last Sunday’s episode, S2x10 ‘New World in My View’, the series had enjoyed record viewer numbers at a rise of roughly 100,000 per week consistently for a few weeks.  This time around the number has jumped by roughly 800,000.  Last week the record was 4.5 million viewers, now that has jumped to a record 5.33 million viewers!

Congrats to everyone involved in True Blood.  That’s an amazing jump and hopefully it keeps up.  I fully admit I was a latecomer to True Blood, having only started watching after buying the Blu-ray boxset.  But I’ve been hooked since the first episode.  You know it must be good if it makes a cheap skate like me pay for HBO!

By the way, I just wanted to include the movtivational poster above just for fun.  I found it on deviantart at one point, and if I find the source I will provide a link.  If anyone online knows the source please put it in the comments.


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