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Batman 3 News


British newspaper The Sun is reporting that Megan Fox has signed on to play the role of Catwoman in the newest Batman film, set to be the sequel to the hit movie The Dark Knight.  Personally, I don’t believe this for three reasons.  First and most importantly, Christopher Nolan hasn’t even signed on to do a 3rd Batman film.  Without a director onboard, specifically Nolan, I really doubt that any casting decisions have been made.  Also, The Sun is the same paper that reported Eddie Murphy had been cast as The Riddler last year!  That didn’t even come close to happening so I have my doubts this bit of ‘news’ is true.  Finally, the Batman films done by Nolan have cast people who can actually act.  Megan Fox might be hot, but I’ve yet to see her flex her acting chops in any of her movies.  Her parts so far have consisted of looking hot and running in slow motion.  Until we see her in a dramatic role I really doubt she would be considered for Batman 3.  However, sex sells so who knows.  But at the very least a Megan Fox Catwoman would probably be better than Halle Berry!

The Sun is also reporting another rumor that shooting for Batman 3 will definitely start next year with a planned 2011 release date in theaters.  However, this isn’t the first time the rumor has hit the web that Batman 3 would begin shooting in 2010.  Gary Oldman hinted at a 2010 filming date for Batman 3 at the San Diego Comic Con during a panel for The Book of Eli.  Oldman was quoted as saying:

“The next Batman is next year, so I think it is two years away.  But you didn’t hear it from me.”

After making this statment Oldman then retracted his comments.  Thats the closest we’ve gotten to official confirmation that Batman 3 will begin filming soon and it doesn’t seem too hopefuly.  That’s not to say it won’t start filming in 2010, but it seems really unlikely.

One last rumor about Batman 3 to close out this post.  Aint it Cool News is reporting that Christopher Nolan intends to shoot Batman 3 completly in the IMAX format assuming he signs on the project.  Quoting AICN this news came out.

Now this is something that I’m sure a lot of you will feel is a no-brainer. Nolan blew us away with the IMAX sequences in that film – but it was a very tough process to work in. Mainly due to the limitations of how many available real IMAX rigs there are. Not only that, but lenses had to be created, adapted and god forbid one broke down. Part of the reason that Nolan went forward with INCEPTION first – besides taking a creative break from the cape and cowl adventures… was possibly to create a few new IMAX cameras made to his specs. Once again – the cost of shooting an entire feature film on IMAX… the stock, the time it takes to reset, to load, to move the cameras… Well… it is daunting, but as Nolan proved with DARK KNIGHT – the difference is stunning.

Everyone should keep in mind that anything heard about Batman 3 is purely rumor at this point.  Nothing has been confirmed and I bet we’re a ways away from getting any real information about the film.  About the only thing you can count on right now is the return of Christian Bale and Gary Oldman as they are still under contract!


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