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First Look at Smallville’s Metallo

TV Guide has posted a first look at Brian Austin Green as John Corben aka Metallo who will appear in an upcoming two-episode arc on “Smallville” starting with the September 25 premiere.  Once you see the picture, you’ll think Metallo’s appearance is pretty much a rip-off of Tony Stark’s look in the Iron Man films.

Executive producer Kelly Souders’ comments aren’t helping when it comes to not making the characters look seem like a ripoff.  She says the character we see on screen has a heart made of an arc reactor kryptonite.  The character we see on screen is “a rough version of Metallo, a first attempt at the technology, and eventually he’ll get sleeker.”

Have no fear, its Smallville so even if the character is remotely successful they’ll bring him in numerous times until fans are tired of it.  Souders stated that “We’re actually throwing some ideas around right now in the hopes that we might be able to bring him [Metallo] back for another episode.”  Lets hope the character turns out well and that its worth having brought back a lot.  Below we’ve included the image of Brian Austin Green as Metallo.

Brian Austin Green as Metallo

Brian Austin Green as Metallo


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