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District 9 Abducts Theaters

Well, I have been to the theaters, I have paid to see it, and I am recommending you go see District 9, too. It is one of those movies that is so original that you cannot talk much about the style, story, or characters without talking spoilers. However, I do not expect you to go see it just on my word, so I will mention a few things that may tease you into spending your monthly movie money on this one.

First off, this is not the ET alien from your childhood. In case you couldn’t tell from the commercials, District 9 is a slum. It is full of weapons, violence, gangs, and all in full view of the cameras. There is also some graphic scenes and implications, so you may want to get a sitter for the younger children.

The characters are very interesting. One things to watch closely is where people are from the beginning through the end. By the end of the movie, you will notice a definite shift in characters or make some interesting realizations about people.

Finally, the plot is compelling. Without spelling the whole thing out, I would leave you with this thought. We are all raciest to some extent. Yes, I am saying that you and I and everyone else is a little racist. When you consider how violent some people are over the simple difference of skin color, then imagine how exponentially more prejudiced we would be against beings of an entirely different physiology. I think this movie provides an excellent glimpse at how we might act.

Oh, an a word of warning, any comments deemed to be of “spoiler content” are eligible for the labels of Spam and to be deleted upon discovery.

Oh, and FYI, I am pretty sure this is the Johannesburg where the movie is located:,26.71875&spn=100.888646,158.027344&t=h&z=3


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