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Battlestar Galactica The Plan Update


We have some new details for all you BSG fans in regards to The Plan.  We’ll start out with the spoiler free stuff.

Edward James Olmos was recently interviewed on G4’s Attack of the Show.  During this interview he let out a bunch of newsworthy bits and told some great stories involving the BSG panel at the UN.  Also, Olmos will be involved in the ongoing Caprica show as well.  Olmos is preparing to direct an episode for season 1.  Hopefully it will be more than 1 episode as things develop, but who knows.

However, the most important statement was this one from Olmos: “The Plan, coming out October 27, in your stores. If you buy more than 350,000 to 500,000 units in the first day, we’ll see…MANY plans!”  What’s this mean for us, the fans?  Simply put if the BSG film sells more than 350,000 copies overall Universal will greenlight more Battlestar films!  Lets put it this way, I’ll be buying my copy as soon as it comes out plus a few as Christmas gifts for friends.  When this movie drops, buy one for yourself and at least one as a gift.  Maybe that way we’ll hit the magic mark and get more BSG movies.  I would love to see the filmed version of how Edward James Olmos was going to continue the story of Bill Adama.

One last tidbit, and since this is a spoiler, its going after the jump.  You’ve been warned!

Some of the pages of the Script for The Plan have hit the web and we’ve gotten one big shock.

Diana Seelix and Simon (Cylon model Number Four) evidently hooked up and had a baby together during the months leading up to the Cylon holocaust.

Holy frak!  I’m shocked by this one… assuming its true of course.

Via: Geeks of Doom


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