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Tons of Heroes News

The new season of Heroes is  a little over a month away on a lot of shows.  Because of that we’re starting to get some interesting little news pieces about some of the show which will be returning this season for its 4th season, shortened to 18 episodes.


The Great Body Swap – At the end of season 3 of Heroes, Nathan Petrelli was killed by Sylar.  However, Matt Parkman was able to successfully trick Sylar into believing that he was Nathan, in effect using Sylar’s powers of mimicry to recreate Nathan Petrelli.  Or was it a matter of Parkman placing Nathan’s ‘soul’ in Sylar’s body in effect displacing or supplanting Sylar with Nathan?  According to what we’re seeing online it looks a lot like moving one soul into a new body, and there are consequences.

According to Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman on the show, : “When I [Matt] did the mind transfer, it didn’t go clean.  Some of him [Sylar] stayed in me and he needs me.  He’s looking for his body, he needs his body back and he’ll do anything to do that, including kidnapping my son.  He’s kind of hanging around in my subconscious, making me do things that I don’t want to do. I have to catch myself. I can’t get rid of him, so I decide to ignore him.  But you can’t ignore Sylar for very long.”

Looks like it could be an interesting twist.  The preview for season 4 showed Sylar’s powers starting to become active within Nathan, but now Parkman is going to have Sylar’s ‘spirit’ in his head basically trying to trick him into returning him to his body.  I think its going to be really cool to see a pissed off Sylar pulling out all the stops to anger and/or trick Parkman into returning him to his body.  Add into that the conflict Parkman already had about sticking Nathan into Sylar’s body and I think there will be a really cool dynamic.

Claire does what? – Its no secret that the writers of Heroes have decided to give Claire a potential new romantic interest.  The internet fairly well exploded a while back when it was mentioned that the new romantic interest could potentially be her college roommate, Gretchen.  Its already been acknowledged that at the very least the two will share a kiss.  Whats the reason for this?  If you’re a cynic, like me, you’re probably thinking its an attempt to grab ratings because after all sex sells.  We’ll see what comes of it, but I can’t help but think this is just a way to grab ratings.  Don’t believe me, take a look at the roommates below.

Gretchen and Claire

Gretchen and Claire

Peter’s New Life – I fully admit that Peter and Hiro are my two favorite characters on the show.  I think that’s mostly because they were the only two characters that actually embraced their powers early on in the series.  At the end of last season, Peter was instrumental in stopping Sylar from becoming the president.  Afterwards we had to wonder just what power had he stolen from Sylar?  The trailer we posted earlier seems to hint at the fact that Peter might be mimicking Sylar’s ability to use other people’s powers.  If thats the case, I’m kind of happy.  I enjoyed Peter having to shoulder the burden of trying to control everyone else’s powers.  Also, Peter has some experience with using Sylar’s powers.  There has to be some kind of reason they ran the story of Peter going to the future in early season 3 to steal Sylar’s powers.  Hopefully it was to setup his use of Sylar’s powers after being depowered.  As for what’s new with Peter, we’re hearing that he’s returned to being a paramedic and is supposedly pretty happy with his life helping others.

The Carnival – As the trailers have been showing there is a new organization taking the stage this season.  This group is referred to as the Carnical and lead by an earth-mover named Samuel.  Samuel is played by Robert Knepper who was recently seen on Prison Break as T-Bag.  Early reports say that Samuel is played well and in fact is more bad than T-Bag.  I loved Knepper’s work as the creepy T-Bag so if that translates over to Heroes I think we’re in for a real treat.  The Carnival is described as the opposite of the Company from previous seasons.  The Carnival is interested in having people with abilities use them so that everyone can be seen.  In effect they don’t want powered individuals to stay hidden.  The question is, are they good or bad?  Seeing as this is Heroes we probably won’t know until halfway through the season.  The show likes to tease us a lot when it comes to people/groups being ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

What Will Happen to Hiro? – As I said above, I’m a big fan of Hiro.  Needless to say I’m curious about what’s happening to him.  At the end of last season Hiro had gotten his powers back, but with a price.  It seemed that excessive use of his powers was causing him to black out and have nosebleeds.  It sounds as though this season that will continue as Hiro will be sick.  The question is, will his powers end up killing him?  Or better yet, can Hiro stop using his powers?


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