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Television Critics Association – Battlestar Wins Again

Battlestar continues to get more of the recognition it deserves.  Earlier this week the Television Critics Association celebrated its 25th anniversary by awarding Battlestar Galactica the Program of the Year award.  Congrats to everyone on both the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica for the win.  Now if only those who run the Emmys would have wised up and given proper credit to the show and Edward James Olmos.

Also, True Blood was recognized and given the award for Outstanding New Program.  Looks like the TCA knows what they’re talking about when it comes to rewarding quality TV shows.  I can’t really say the same about the Emmys.  There it seems more like a popularity contest on what the new ‘trendy’ thing is.

For a little background on the TCA awards we’ve included the following.

The TCA Awards are unlike most other award ceremonies. Whereas the Emmy’s (for example) require submissions to be considered the TCA Awards don’t. TV camera’s aren’t allowed into the event and there’s no red carpet spectacle. The winners are chosen according to what critics actually like, so in essence the TCA Awards are a ‘popularity’ contest between critics that takes place largely behind closed doors.

Whilst the Emmy’s have stringent submission guidelines and those submissions that are nominated are often determined by people who may never have watched the show, the TCA Awards have no such limitation. On one hand you could argue this makes the TCA Awards more relevant than the Emmy’s since show’s that might otherwise be ignored or snubbed will have a greater chance of being included in the mix.

On the other hand, unlike more prestigious award events the TCA Awards suffer from their own decision to withhold coverage and, as a result, the potential value of the awards is largely lost on anyone except those who are already actively interested in the industry. Let’s face it, the average person doesn’t have a clue what a TCA Award is.

Via: SciFiScoop


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