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SDCC: Smallville Trailer

Okay, so I lied.  We have one last little bit from the San Diego Comic Con and after seeing it you can probably forgive my unintentional lie.  It seems that now some of the footage of the Smallville trailer has hit the web.  I caution you, the quality is fairly bad but at the very least you can sorta see Clark’s pre-Supes costume.  Honestly, I think the most enjoyable part of the trailer is the screeching of the one fangirl really close by.   The first clip is the extended trailer, it gets really good at the end.  If it doesn’t work check out the other links they should be good for a bit longer.

If we find better footage, we’ll switch it out.

EDIT: Here’s some additional footage.

Just a heads up, the movie below is probably the one of the best quality.


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