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SDCC: Chuck Panel

I do realize that we are a little slow in getting out Comic Con news published.  You all have my apologies for our delay in getting information out to you.  Today is the last day for Nerds of the Round Table’s coverage on Comic Con.  Now lets move onto the information we learned from the Chuck panel.

ChuckPosterAs a lot of you might now, NBC almost cut Chuck even after the season 2 finale cliffhanger that we received.  A lot of viral marketing by fans and petitions lead Subway in to save the day by becoming a big time sponsor of the show.  There’s rumors that due to their assistance in saving the show the Orange Orange will get turned into a Subway for next season and that Sarah’s cover job will be that of a ‘Subway sandwich artist.’  Hey I’m just glad Chuck got saved even if it is for only 13 episodes.  The tradeoff is that Chuck will only air while Heroes is on hiatus so we won’t have the Monday night powerblock of Chuck and Heroes anymore.

The panel began with Jeffster taking the stage and rocking out to Queen’s hit from the 70’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’.  By all accounts it was a lot of fun.  We’ve found some footage of it on YouTube that we’ll share after the jump.  We did get some good info on season 3 though.  The Buy More will be back again this season.  I’m guessing Chuck will end up working there again despite his having quit.  The other big news is that another family member of Chuck’s will be joining the spy business.  This season Awesome himself will be getting involved in all the spy drama.  After all he knows Chuck is a ‘spy’ now so thats one more asset that can be used.

As we saw at the end of season 3 Chuck now knows Kung Fu.  There is, however, a catch to all his new abilities.  Zachary Levi explained during the panel: “The ‘Chuck Fu’ and any other physical powers I may have, they have a window. They have a shelf life. There’s a glitch in the system. I flash and I have my physical powers, but they don’t necessarily live. That is the secret to ‘Chuck Fu’ and anything else.”  This could be a pretty good twist, it will keep it so that there are moments where Chuck will continue to be helpless or the Intersect will in fact hinder his mission.  Looks like Chuck isn’t a superspy yet.

I’m going to leave you my favorite part heard during the panel.  This one comes from Adam Baldwin:  “My inner monologue when I grunt is Joss Whedon, come on, we’re at Comic-Con. I gotta throw him a bone.”

If you’re interested after the jump is the video of Jeffster rocking out and some of the Q&A from the panel.


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