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SDCC: Planet Hulk Trailer

The new trailer for the animated Planet Hulk debuted at the San Diego Comic Con during the Marvel Animation Panel.  The movie is based on Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk story collected in the Incredible Hulk issues 92-105.

Planet Hulk was a good story and can be summarized as:

In the 2006 crossover storyline Planet Hulk by writer Greg Pak, a secret group of superhero leaders, the Illuminati, consider the Hulk an unacceptable potential risk to Earth, and rocket him into space to live a peaceful existence on a planet uninhabited by intelligent life. After a trajectory malfunction, the Hulk crashes on the violent planet Sakaar. Weakened by his journey, he is captured and eventually becomes a gladiator who scars the face of Sakaar’s tyrannical emperor.

The Hulk becomes a rebel leader and later usurps Sakaar’s throne through combat with the red king and his armies. After Hulk’s rise to emperor, the vessel used to send Hulk to Sakaar explodes, killing millions in Sakaar’s capital, including his pregnant queen, Caiera, and the damage to the tectonic plates nearly destroys the planet.

The movie hits stores in Blu-ray and DVD sometime in February 2010.  But the real important question is, will this lead to a follow up movie based on the World War Hulk mini-series?  I surely hope so!  Until then check out the trailer below.


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