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Hereos Season 4 Trailer – Redemption

Here’s your first look at the trailer for Season 4 of Heroes.  The first part of the season will be the 5th chapter of the series entitled Redemption.  Watching this trailer, it looks like a lot of folks might be dying.  But its Heroes, everyone is always dying right?  Robert Knepper looks to have a pretty interesting role in this season.  Thats exciting primarily because I think he was great in Prison Break and he should be great in Heroes with his fairly creepy leader of the carnival role.

One thing of interest is that it looks like Peter might be using more than one power again.  Did he keep Sylar’s power to learn how to use others abilities?  If so it looks like his powers will almost be back to normal.  Finally, I’m really curious to see where they go with the Sylar and Nathan having a timeshare on one body.  Looks like it could be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type thing.  Anway, the trailer is below, take a look!  Hopefully its enough to begin to redeem Heroes.


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