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Marvel Comics and Halo Anime Films

So it seems that the anime craze has moved onto other properties like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Halo.  Anime has always been big to some, but recently comic companies and some studios have been trying to cash in on its popularity.  The Animatrix seems to have paved the road for this new trend.  The Animatrix was designed to tell the story that took place between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded.  Some people really enjoyed this film… others not so much.

The Animatrix paved the way for Warner Bros. to continue this trend with other movies.  Warner Bros. released Batman: Gotham Knight to tell the story of Batman before The Dark Knight.  I’m a big fan of Gotham Knight mostly because it gave Kevin Conroy the chance to be Batman again.  I would argue with just about anyone that he is the best Batman… and at the very least he’s played the role longer than any other actor.

Now it seems as though other companies are trying to cash in on the anime movie craze.  Marvel showed two trailers for new films.  This included Iron Man and Wolverine anime films.  The Iron Man trailer looks amazing, incredible animation and one great fight sequence.  I’m definitely looking forward to watching this one.  However, I bet they won’t release it until shortly before Iron Man 2 hits theaters.

As for Wolverine… I think the best thing to say is I’m not sold yet.  Wolverine with a mullet does not really appeal to me.  The Wolverine movie will actually be an expanded version of the ’80s Wolverine comic when Logan was living in Japan.  There aren’t any plot details I’ve seen so far on Iron Man.  Check out both the trailers below.

The other anime film of note is the Halo anime.  I don’t know much on it myself, but I’ll take a look and report what I find out.  Until then, check out the trailer.


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