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Oh for the love of God NO!

As if its not bad enough that the Twilight craze is invading TV, movies, and books now I have to put it up with in the one place I thought would be safe, COMICS!  That’s right, you read that right, they are making a Twilight graphic novel.  Everyone wants to cash in on the craze that has taken over the younger generation… and by younger I mean the screaming masses of kiddies.  At least when South Park cashed in on Twilight they destroyed it.

Honestly I have to admit I’ve never seen Twilight, but then again I’m not a teenage girl.  I have no desire to see and read about emo angsty vampires.  If I want to watch vampire dramas I’ll watch Angel, Buffy, or True Blood.  Those are actually good shows that people can enjoy.  I’ve been a Buffy fan since it started airing on TV and I’m sure its of much higher quality than anything made in the Twilight world.  But that should be expected of anything in the Whedonverse.  True Blood is also a good show and yes you can argue there are some angsty moments but they are off-set by violence and other cool things.

But in the interest of providing news to our readers I’ll give a little information about the upcoming Twilight comics…. I feel dirty say that though.  This information comes courtesy of the folks over at Geeks of Doom.  Yen Press has officially begun work on the Twilight series of books.  The artist for this book of Young Kim and he’s using his own interpretation of the characters.  As you can see in the picture below the characters shown in the artwork do not match those in the movies.  I have seen the trailers so I have an idea of who the main characters are, I just can’t name them.

Twilight Main Characters

Twilight Main Characters

I think this YouTube clip is the perfect way to describe my reaction to what is being done to the world of comics.

via: Geeks of Doom


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