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Nintendo Seems to Hate America

If you’ve been following the Wii gaming news you know that in Japan an Wii has been released that is black.  In the US we still only have our glossy white Wii.


But there was a hope that one day we might get some new colors for Wii owners in the US.  After all Nintendo released Gamecubes in a variety of colors including the original purple that was so heavily mocked.  However, GameDaily is reporting from an unidentified source that Nintendo has ‘no plans to have other colors of the Wii in the United States.’  So for now Wii fans we are stuck with the basic Wii.  That doesn’t really phase me much since I haven’t played my Wii in ages and when I do its closed up in the entertainment center so I can’t even see it.  Lets hope that one day Nintendo changes their minds and we can get a Wii in a new color.


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