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A New Iron Man in Iron Man 2? [Update]

EDIT: Those of us at the Round Table owe you the readers an apology.  We have found out that Gwyneth Paltrow picture in this post was from an old issue of Vogue magazine.  This means it has absolutely no bearing on Iron Man 2.  It does turn out that the picture is definitely something artistic done to tease fanboys, so we were right in that respect at least.

This post is a continuation of the pictures released by Entertainment Weekly.  Its a good bet that in Iron Man 2 Jim Rhodes, Rhodey, will put on some form of the Iron Man armor.  The best guess is that he will end up playing War Machine in the film and not put on Tony Stark’s armor.  Well, Entertainment Weekly has released a picture that will add to the speculation.  If you’re interested the picture and some analysis is after the jump.  However, the picture itself could be considered a spoiler.

potts armor

Your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s Pepper Potts wearing a gauntlet that looks very similar to the kind Iron Man wears.  Also, if you look close there is a cable running from the gauntlet to the center of Pott’s chest.  The location is eerily similar to where Tony Stark has his arc reactor.  This leads to the question, is Pepper going to get an arc reactor?  In the current comic Pepper was injured and Tony saved her life by placing a power source into her chest.  He then provided her with her own armor designed to look similar to Iron Man’s own armor.  Potts has recently taken up the codename Rescue.  If Jon Favreau is taking inspiration from the current comics that’s great.  Especially because the Iron Man books are more entertaining and good than they’ve been in years.

Pepper Potts as Rescue

Pepper Potts as Rescue

Of course, its entirely possible the picture in EW was made just to screw with fanboys and it is an ‘artistic’ picture just for the magazine.  However, if its real this could add an interesting twist to the new movie.  By the end we could have 2 or more people wearing Iron Man armor.  Only 18 or so months left until Iron Man 2 so let the debate begin.


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