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Watchmen: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Details Revealed


So it looks like Warner Brothers is going to go crazy with all the versions and special features of the Watchmen movie.  The image above is from a flyer put out by WB detailing what is included in the Watchmen Ultimate Collector’s Edition.  Seems like its going to be a massive amount of special features.

The surprising thing is that this Blu-ray set comes out around the holidays but will only be available until July 2010.  That only leaves 6 months to decide if you want 250 GB of Watchmen goodness.  The Blu-ray set will feature the rumored super-long full cut of the film, incorporating The Black Freighter animated short into the the already excessive runtime.    Also included is  the Under the Hood mock-umentary (previously available on the Black Freighter Blu-ray), the Watchmen Motion Comic and a new commentary track with Snyder and Watchmen illustrator, Dave Gibbons.  So it seems like if you’ve bought the other Watchmen stuff that has been released you will be re-buying a lot of the old stuff.  But thats okay, this comes out at Christmas so you can just regift your old Watchman movies.

Personally, I didn’t like the movie that much.  I’m sure thats a statement that will get my nerd credentials revoked but I can live with it.  The orignal comics were better and are more enjoyable to me.  But if the movie is your cup of tea then maybe you should think about this Blu-ray set.


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