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Funny People Red Band Trailer

One of the remaining Summer movies I’m excited about is Funny People by Judd Apatow. Universal recently released a red band trailer for the movie which I’ve linked to below. I’m excited to see how this movie turns out and the new trailer has me even more interested to see the movies when it arrives on July 31.

Apatow refers to the movie as a serious one that he has attempted to make even funnier than his not-so-serious comedies.  It tells the tale of George Simmons (fittingly played by Sandler), a stand-up comedian who has moved on to super stardom via mainstream family movies.  One day the star discovers that he has contracted a rare disease and will likely die.  In his last days, he realizes he doesn’t have much and befriends a young and up-and-coming comedian who helps him write jokes.

Just a reminder folks that this is a red band trailer meaning the contents are NSFW, so watch at home and enjoy.


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