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Green Lantern Actor Cast

Variety is reporting that the new lead for the Green Lantern movie has been cast. Ryan Reynolds won the title role in the Green Lantern movie beating out Bradley Cooper from The Hangover, Justin Timberlake (WTF?) and Jared Leto. Of the three choices, I think Reynolds was the best pick.

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

I like the casting choice here based on the options the studio was lookin at, I just have a big concern that Reynolds involvement in Green Lantern could kill the Deadpool movie. And to be honest I’m much more excited to see a Deadpool movie starring Reynolds as Wade Wilson. I can’t set Marvel or DC wanting the same actor to be a leading man in both their universes. I hope I’m wrong though. People will be quick to point out that some actors have crossed comic company lines. Specifically James Marsden did it between Superman Returns and X3. But I’d like to point out that he made that decsion when Bryan Singer left to go make Superman Returns. Once Marsden signed on the be in both movies he was then conveniently killed in the first 15 minutes of X3, removing Cyclops from the Phoenix Saga which is absolutly rediculous in and off itself. Its just my opinion, but I think we can probably consider Deadpool dead.

From a business sense this role makes a lot more sense for Reynolds. Green Lantern is going to be a big movie, and the Lantern is more well known than Deadpool. Also, the role of GL opens up the door for a crossover into a Justice League movie. There are a lot more options on the table by playing GL mostly because the film will probably morph into a franchise.

Congrats to Reynolds on landing the lead role. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Deadpool may survive, but I’m not confident. Also, a quick sidenote, but does anyone else think that Reynolds would have been nearly perfect casting as the Wally West Flash on the DC side? I think he’s got the perfect snarkiness and sarcastic tone for it. Just food for thought.

Ryan Reynolds Flash Comparison

Ryan Reynolds Flash Comparison


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