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Babylon 5 on Hulu


One of my favorite SciFi shows is up on Hulu right now.  In February 1993, Babylon 5‘s TV pilot premiered on television.  Although it was a little rough, in my opinion, the show was picked up and in 1994 season 1 of the series began airing.  Babylon 5 was a Science Fiction show set in the years 2257-2262 and many of the stories were spread out across a 5 year arc.  The series had its rough parts, specifically in season 4 when it was feared that the show would be cancelled.  Because of this alot of season 4’s content was compressed so the producers could begin including content from the planned season 5.  The show was renewed for a 5th season so more episodes were written to fill in the gaps that had resulted.  In my opinion that made season 5 fairly weak.

Babylon 5 had 6 television movies made about it.  Some of these TV movies were designed to fit in between seasons and provide more background information.  Other movies took place at the end of the series.  All in all, the show was really good and I think the success of a show like Babylon 5 made other SciFi shows possible.  Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are shows that come to mind that made use of the season long and sometimes series long story arcs that were made popular by B5.  This was a massive departure from other shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation where everything was generally solved in 1-2 episodes and never touched on again.

If you’re interested in taking a look, the TV pilot can be found on Hulu.  So far only seasons 1-2 are available online, but that should be more than enough to get you hooked.  Hulu has said they are trying to get other seasons online so it might just be a matter of time until the entire series can be viewed online.

With that, I’m going to leave you with the opening text from season 2 of Babylon 5, mostly because the intro they used in season 2 was much better than that of season 1.  Hope you get hooked!

“The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind…the year the Great War came upon us all. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2259. The name of the place is Babylon 5.” – Captain John Sheridan

Below is the opening credits from all 5 seasons.  If you’ve seen the show before it’s pretty cool to take a look at and see if you remember everything.  However if you haven’t seen the show, it can spoil you so consider yourself warned.


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