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Amazing Spider-Man #600 Preview

Marvel is making the rounds putting out loads of teaser information for Amazing Spider-Man #600. Its been stated by the writers online and in panels that Doc Ock will be returning for #600.  The program handed out at Wizard World had a preview of ASM 600 in it that specifically detailed why Dr. Octavius was so motivated to go after Spider-Man again.  I’m remaining spoiler-free in this post but can put together a different post with spoilers if people are interested.

Personally, what I think is the coolest thing about issue 600 is Stan Lee and John Romita reuniting for the issue.  In fact, one of the variant covers feature cover art done completely by John Romita Sr.  Both he and his son are two of my favorite artists so I’m hoping to see some collaboration inside.  On top of that Stan Lee has promised to bring back an old face for this issue.  My money is on Mary Jane Watson (formerly Parker).  Not to sound too soap opera-ish but maybe this issue will also bring back together Peter and MJ.  Check out the preview art for Romita Sr’s cover.  Its like a flashback to the classic days and I love it!

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Variant Cover

Amazing Spider-Man #600 Variant Cover

This isn’t my favorite variant cover floating about on the net.  However, there is another one worth mentioning.  This cover is purposely vague to say the least.  Anyway, take a look before I talk about it.

ASM 600 Teaser Image

ASM 600 Teaser Image

I think its really amusing how the mask covers all but the last few letters of each name on the invitation.  I’m sure Marvel is hoping that the fanboys are automatically think Peter and MJ are getting hitched, but according to  Tom Brevoort, Marvel executive editor, it’s not Peter and Mary Jane.  Keep in mind though, Marvel has misdirected fans before by saying things weren’t going to happen and in reality they did.  I’m going to have my conspiracy theory moment here and point out that Marvel is issueing a trade paperback of the best of Peter and Mary Jane together or getting together in August.  The theory dictates that Marvel would have to have a good reason to do this after they went to the trouble of erasing Peter and MJ’s marriage.  Also, lets be honest and admit that Marvel’s significant Marvel-verse altering events haven’t necessarily been as permanent as we thought they would be, i.e. Captain America Reborn.

But stepping aside from my conspiracy theory there is a simple solution to what this teaser could mean.  May Parker and J. Jonah Jameson Sr. are engaged to be married.  This could simply be the issue where that wedding happens.


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