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Leoben and Starbuck Reunited

After the season 7 finale of 24, I have to admit I’m excited to see whats next.  We know they season 8 of 24 will take place in New York City and that a lot of new cast members are joining the show.  It was announced earlier that Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck of BSG fame, would be joining the cast of 24.  Well its just come out that Callum Keith Rennie, Leoben from BSG, has also signed on for this season of 24.  I have no idea what his role is going to be but it will be exciting to see. Oh and the cool thing is that the source for this information is Sackhoff’s Facebook page stating:

“How cool is that? I have missed my Battlestar castmates. We all should just be on 24! : )”

I agree with that statement, I’d love to see more BSG alum on 24.  Hopefully Callum Keith Rennie gets some screentime with Katee Sackhoff as they seemed to work really well together on BSG.


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