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Clark Kent Flew in Smallville? You Make the Call

The creators of Smallville in the past have said that the Clark Kent of the Smallville ‘verse will not fly until he dons the cape and tights.  That being said they have teased the hell out of us for years with Clark flying.  His Kryptonian persona of Kal flies and so does his cousing Kara, but never has Clark flown.  Instead he’s just done the following:

  1. Jumped really high and gracefully arced back to Earth
  2. Fallen slowly out of planes
  3. Fallen slowly off of buildings.

The directors cut of the Season 8 finale hit the web.  It doesn’t have any special effects but there is a slightly different cut than I remember of Clark’s fight with Doomsday.  In the Director’s Cut it looks like the closest Clark has ever come to flying in the show.  Clark pushes off the ground and transports Doomsday a vast distance to his end.  The question is, did he fly or was it another one of Clark’s ‘special’ jumps.  I’ll let you the reader decide, check out the video below.


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