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Stan Lee’s Cameo Role In Iron Man 2

As you all probably know Stan ‘The Man’ Lee has had a cameo in most Marvel movies that have hit the big screen.  The notable exceptions are bombs like Elektra.  That movie was bad and maybe Stan Lee was smart to avoid appearing in it.  Anyway, it has hit the internet what role Stan will have in the new Iron Man movie.

If you’ve seen the first Iron Man movie you probably saw Stan Lee in his role playing a Hugh Hefner like character.  In face Tony Stark even refers to him as ‘Hef’ in the film.  Before getting into Stan Lee’s role in the film I must warn you this could be considered a minor spoiler so reader beware.

In Iron Man 2 Stan Less is set to play the role of CNN’s Larry King.  Lee as ‘King’ will be hosting an episode of Larry King Live where he is interviewing Tony Stark.  Over the course of the interview ‘King’ will be questioning Stark about his new, modified “black” Iron Man suit.  Now I can honestly saw I really want to know more about the black armor.  Is this the beginning of War Machine maybe?  Or even a stealth suit of armor?  Only another year to wait to find out it seems.

Finally, if you haven’t caught most of Stan Lee’s movie cameos check out the YouTube video below.


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