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DVD Must Have – Futurama The Complete Collection

It looks as though the entire series of Futurama and the recent direct to DVD movies are getting the series boxset treatment.  The entire set is available for pre-order on Amazon for $120.00.  The series is packaged in a case meant to resemble Bender’s head.  Inside are 20 DVDs with the 4 aired season and the movies.  Personally, I think the box-set is almost worth it if only for the packaging.  The use of Bender’s head to hold all the discs is brilliant.  Hopefully they saved some space for the DVD copies of the new season that will be on Comedy Central.   Anyway, the packaging is shown below.

Futurama Series Box-Set

Futurama Series Box-Set

EDIT: After writing this post the link on Amazon went down.  Searching Amazon doesn’t even show this product anymore.  I wonder if it accidentally got put online too early or if the Complete Collection has been shelved since Futurama is coming back to TV with new episodes on Comedy Central.


2 responses to “DVD Must Have – Futurama The Complete Collection

  1. Jay July 8, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Yeah, I saw that too. Did some looking around and the set’s only available Comic-Con this year and limited to 500.

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